About Us

E-Law Chambers

Technology, Economy, International trade and Communications are constantly evolving, and the legal requirements of our clients changes. Our attorneys know that being smart isn’t just about having great legal skills. It means knowing your business, your industry, and your goals and using that insight to solve challenges creatively and efficiently. We need to abreast of these changes as they apply to the Sri Lankan legal framework.

That’s our legacy and our future. It’s our mission.


We deliver business-oriented legal advice that helps clients achieve their commercial goals.


We commit the necessary time, resources and innovation to serve the best interests of our clients.


Our team is created to reflect guiding principles centred on providing first-rate legal work and exceptional service.


We offer legal services that match deep legal knowledge, innovative legal thinking, professionalism, effectiveness, expertise and know-how. Each working group consists of appropriate lawyers for the specific clients' needs.


We protect our client’s interests and we commit to safeguard them.


We maintain strong bonds with our clients, based on mutual trust, confidentiality and respect.


We provide innovative legal solutions anticipating the clients' needs. We structure the operations of our chamber, so as to achieve an excellent relation between lawyers and the client.