Contract Drafting & Reviewing

Contract Drafting &  Reviewing

Contract Drafting & Reviewing

Our team provides practical contract drafting and unique insight in contract review.

Draft various kinds of contracts, review contracts and understand the clauses in a contract, understand the important elements for a valid contract, negotiate a contract for mutual benefit and know the perfect terms and conditions to use in a contract.

Well drafted contract consist of these elements:

  • All parties must be in agreement over the terms of the contract.
  • All parties must be equipped with the required legal capacity, meaning they understand the terms and have the authority to bind the parties.
  • Something of value must be exchanged – usually goods, services, or money.
  • There must be a clear offer and acceptance of the contract.

Signing a contract before an attorney reviews it, could mean unknowingly agreeing to unfair terms or unfavourable conditions. Negotiating contracts on your own can be difficult and result in a less beneficial agreement. To protect your business the contracts must be well-written to ensure enforceability and not one-sided as to shift all exposure and liability to you.